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1914 June First president Genzaburo Inoue founded Tomoegawa Paper Factory along the Tomoegawa river in Shimizu city, Shizuoka prefecture, and started research and manufacturing of prototypes of electric insulating paper and telecommunication paper. This place is currently called 'Shimizu Works'.
1917 August Tomoegawa Paper Co., Ltd. founded.
1933 September Mochimune Works (currently called Shizuoka Works) established in Shizuoka city to develop specialty paper and start manufacturing general paper.
1945 August Absorbed Shingu Mokuzai Pulp Corporation and renamed into Shingu Works. In-house production of craft pulp started.
1949 November Engineering laboratory established in Mochimune Works, to carry out overall research in paper and pulp field.
1958 September Paper-making factory founded in the Singu Works and established continuous manufacturing system from pulp to paper.
1961 October Listed on the first section of the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges.
1972 March Renamed Paper Technology Laboratory into Technical Laboratory and accelerated new business development other than paper.
1978 November TOMOEGAWA(U.S.A.) INC. founded in the State of Illinois, U.S.A. and started producing toner in October 1981.
1984 May Tomoegawa Europe B. V. founded in Amsterdam, Holland and started selling toner and processed paper products.
1988 July Toner manufacturing department in Mochimune Works became an independent division, Chemical-products Factory.
1989 August Factory dedicated for electronic parts materials and magnetic recording products established in the Shimizu Works.
1992 May Factory dedicated for adhesive tape for LCD established in Mochimune Works.
1995 June Shingu Works closed.
1999 March ISO 9001 certification acquired for all divisions and products.
2001 February ISO 14001 certification acquired for all production locations.
February New processing location for office supply products opened in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico.
September Analysis center established in Shizuoka Works.
October Factory for optical film processing and adhesive tape for electronics products established in Shizuoka Works.
2005 March Founded Tomoegawa Holding Huizhou Inc., to control business activities in China.
April Delisted the Osaka Stock Exchages.
July Founded Tomoegawa Imaging Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. the company for toner manufacturing and sales, in Huizhou city, Guang Dong Province, China. The manufacturing plant was completed in April, 2006
December Founded Tomoegawa Fine Coating Ltd., the company for development and production of optical films in Tsuruga city, Fukui prefecture. The registered name was changed to TFC Co. Ltd.
2006 October Split off Paper Div. and founded a new company, "Tomoegawa Paper Co. Ltd.".
October Started usage of common name "TOMOEGAWA" and a newly designed company logo.
December Founded Tomoegawa Korea
2009 March AT ELECTRODE CO., LTD was established.
2010 February TOPPAN TOMOEGAWA OPTICAL FILMS CO.,LTD. was established.
2011 July Joint Venture, Nissai Imaging Technology (Jiujiang) Co.,Ltd. was established in China.
2012 March Made minority investment in Aura Paper Industries(India) Pvt. Ltd.
2013 October Absorbed “Tomoegawa Paper CO.,LTD.”.
October Taiwan Representative Office was opened.
2014 June 100th Anniversary.
2015 June Establishment of a unified brand, "iCas", of our Heat/Electricity/Electromagnetic Waves control related products.
2016 February Made the representative office in Taiwan a subsidiary, and established TOMOEGAWA TAIWAN CO.,LTD.
March Acquired additional stock of Aura Paper Industries(India) Pvt.Ltd., and made it a subsidiary,then changed its name to TOMOEGAWA Aura India Pvt.Ltd..
November Tomoegawa Co Middle East was opened in Dubai,United Arab Emirates.
2018 March Established Tomoegawa (Guangzhou) International Trading Co., Ltd. for sale of toner for copiers / printers and others in China.
November Headquarters moved to Kyobashi Trust Tower in Chuo-ku,Tokyo.
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